Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative passions

Okay, it's finally happening! Walk in to the salon and you will smell the LOVELY aroma of coffee with just a hint of fresh paint on the walls! This is a very EXCITING week!!!
 For those of you who know me, you know this has been a long awaited dream of mine. Not just the salon,I was happy and content where I was, but the upcoming art studio and the impact it will have on so many people!!
I was at an art retreat last fall and was thinking about all of my lifes passions. Besides the obvious, my faith, family and friends. It is creating, in many forms. Healing. Healing is a journey. We all have hurts and dissapointments, and if you don't I'm almost positive you will at some time, or you live where i used to, in the land of plastc smiling faces. So yes, walking beside someone as they are hurting and journeying with them up the long path of the mountain to just breathe and see the sunshine, that is a passion of mine. So lets combine the two together in one place.
In the late spring I will be starting several different classes. The one I'm most PASSIONATE about will be an art journaling class called  THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH OF ME. More details to come as I'm still putting it all together and there will be several make and take classes, book study's, book clubs, and different forms of art taught by other local artist.
I hope for this to be an inteactive blog, you'r comments are appreciated and ideas are very welcome for what you would like to not only see happen but also be apart of!!!1 ( unless it's to correct my grammar!! I know it gives some people the hives! obviously not my best talent! but I'm okay with that!)
The salon will be featuring several very talented hair artist, Becky,Mary, Penny, Sali and myself Destiny.
We SPECIALIZE in many different areas. HAIR EXTENSIONS with the latest technology to create length, volume,color pannels,non damaging, no chemicals, no braiding, no glue,pain free!!
HUES, we have an amazing color pallette from EXOTIC neutrals, to SENSUAL warms, CHOCOLATE covered strawberry to RADIANT reds.
TEXTURE, your hair is a fabric and we will infuse it with the perfect texture for you, to make your mornings easier and of course to make you the HAIR ENVY of all your friends!!!!!! And everyone around you!!!
Have a FANTASTIC and AMAZING day!!!!
See you soon at 2416 london rd, eau claire, 832-4040!!!  
            You are truly beautiful,

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